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[Health and safety in our production centre.] A thorough test of the production process concerning quality and safety in our factory is at the heart of the success of our products.
Traditional techniques and food safety
  • Metodo tradizionale
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Marukatsu Takada Shoten

Our factories are in Yamato Miwa the cradle of somen that boasts 1200 years of history initiated in the imperial court. For centuries in this land, from generation to generation the traditional method of hand made somen has been passed down. In our factories Miwa somen is produced of the highest quality thanks to this technique: The flour is mixed, stretched, left to rest and made thinner in an environment that is kept at a constant the whole year round, a vital condition for the preparation of somen. In our factory we keep not only the temperature, but also the level of humidity and cleanliness under strict control.

To satisfy our clients in an era in which the safety of food is considered paramount we have obtained the certificate of quality IS09001 which is recognised on an international level thanks to our continued level of care concerning the quality of our products. In September 2008, we took another step forward in receiving the certificate IS022000 for the food safety and hygiene, and through becoming recognised as a company that is extremely reliable in terms of the management of its food safety. Our mission as a food producer is to always offer our customers products that are healthy and safe: and with this knowledge we continue our thorough research into the field of food safety.
So taste out somen, made with the best ingredients, in accordance with an age old tradition.
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