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[Wheat] Consistency, taste and flavour: Carefully selected flour
The type of flower used for somen varies according to the place of production. The most used is that from medium soft wheat, but in Miwa it is made from medium-hard wheat which is what we at Takada use for our products. The characteristics that distinguish this flour are the richness of gluten, the precise flavour, and a slightly yellow shade. Our company that places huge importance on the method of production of somen never neglects the selection of the flour a highly important element in the overall success of our original and flavoursome products.
The gluten, fundamental for the preparation of somen, is a substance contained within the flour that originates in the binding together, when mixed with water, of two types of protein: prolamin and glutenin. The prolamin gives the gluten its fluidity and and adhesive quality whilst the glutenin is an elastic protein that passes on its consistency to the mixture. Furthermore, gluten becomes stronger with the addition of salt, and somen made in this way take on a very precise flavour and and excellent consistency. Because hand made somen is constantly stretched and left to rest in alternate phases, the gluten also elongates giving the mixture its characteristic flavour.
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Marukatsu Takada Shoten
[Oil] Different characteristics are created through using different types of vegetable oils.
During the process of producing the somen, oil is used to prevent the mixture becoming dry and noodles sticking to each other. Usually oil from cotton seeds are used but to meet the demands of our clients we also have adopted the use of tea and olive oil. Without the strong scent of cotton seed oil, we have obtained a very light and fresh product.
For the varieties "Kin-iro no ito premium", "Kin-iro no hagoromo" e "Kanade" we use "Kiyoe"olive oil produced in Australia, so that our customers can enjoy an elegant light consistency that only extra virgin olive oil can provide.
Salt. Salt is a fundamental element in the preparation of somen. This acts with the gluten, the most important protein in the flour, and increases its viscosity. By further working on the mixture, it is compacted into the structure and gives the the defining flavour of the somen life. The Japanese salt, something which is not present in other countries, is largely valued for its high standards in purity and quality and is the global leader in this category. In particular our company uses "Akou" salt which comes from the Japanese Sea, a granular salt, crystallised in a special shallow pot called "Hirakama" that harmonises with our other ingredients. This salt also contains liquid obtained by the crystallisation , the "nigari," which is rich in minerals. Currently in the experimentation phase is using sea salt obtained from very deep ocean water, and this is something we are working on through our research.
We from Takada will continue to use the ingredients of the  highest quality in our research and final selection..
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