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[Traditional method from Miwa.]In Miwa the homeland of making somen, a 1200 year old art.

Nakadate / Kone The water is salted. The flower is mixed only with salt water.
Dango-fumi The mixture is stretched out horizontally and the cut in spirals from the outside in.
Idagi (The mixture is cut in spirals from the outside in) The mixture is lengthened on a special board.
Abura-gaeshi The oil is spread uniformly
Hosome The individual noodles are reduced to a thickness of 1cm and left to rest for an hour
Koyori By twisting the noodles the thickness is reduced to 5mm, and then left to rest for another hour.
Kakeba After having put the mixture through two large moulds  making a number 8. it is left to rest for 30 minutes.
Kobiki The noodles are stretched to a length of 60 cm
Muronekashi The somen are left to rest for 12 hours, stretched out on two horizontal posts in a room called "wall."
かどぼし The somen are left out in the sun and constantly turned over,divided,elongated,
こわり The mixture is cut into lengths of 19cm
Taba The somen, once ready, are tied into bundles of 50g each
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